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Trinity Life gathers all across our city to worship Jesus in community through living on mission. Toronto is a vibrant and fast growing city, but we’ve come to realize that the busyness of urban life can work against finding authentic community and cultivating a strong spiritual life.

Our dream is to be an oasis in the city helping to create healthy communities and rhythms so people can do what God has created them to do. Our mission is to empower people to discover their identity and destiny in Christ in order to influence the city and the world.

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Current Series - You've Got a Friend In Me

Relationships have been scattered, friends became enemies, families splintered by opinions on politics or
mask mandates. We don’t feel like anyone is listening to us. We feel more alone than ever. Leaders of the
institutions that normally indicate stability are failing us. Most of us realize that this isn’t the way it should
be. Deep down something inside us is screaming to be known and loved. Relationships should be secure
and intimate, because our identity should be secure and intimate.

Christ changes the relationship paradigm from earning to enjoying. Then we can go from easily annoyed
to patient and hopeful. We can go from creating tribes to creating community. Let’s take some time to
reevaluate a range of common relational dynamics and see if we can’t come back to basics of friendship.

Remember Jesus told us we aren’t just servants to earn kingdom value, he called us friends to be
enjoyed! It’s like that song from ‘Toy Story’ You got a friend in me! When the road looks rough ahead and
you’re miles and you’re miles from your nice warm bed. You just remember what your old pal said, you’ve
got a friend in me!

We are not a church who gathers weekly in one place at one time. Rather, we come together all over our city at various times for worship and discipleship every week! If you want to join others in your region, click on the button below to get started.


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