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Trinity Life gathers all across our city to worship Jesus in community through living on mission. Toronto is a vibrant and fast growing city, but we’ve come to realize that the busyness of urban life can work against finding authentic community and cultivating a strong spiritual life.

Our dream is to be an oasis in the city helping to create healthy communities and rhythms so people can do what God has created them to do. Our mission is to empower people to discover their identity and destiny in Christ in order to influence the city and the world.

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January 2023 Series - Built for Friendship

There are many beautiful realities to our identity in Christ that have a brilliant affect on our influence in the world. Forgiven, redeemed, free, and so many more. One we often overlook or don’t understand is that God, through Christ, has made us a friend. Jesus calls his disciples friends. Paul reminds of this truth repeatedly throughout the New Testament. But what does it mean? How can a robust friendship with God change the way we view the way we live out our identity in Christ? Maybe it’s just the thing we have been missing. Let’s see if we can uncover an eternal reality together this year. On this journey, let’s share what we find with the world.

We are not a church who gathers weekly in one place at one time. Rather, we come together all over our city at various times for worship and discipleship every week! If you want to join others in your region, click on the button below to get started.


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