Praying for Trinity Life Moms and Dads!

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Dear TLC Mom and Dad!

This morning I had the urgency to pray for our young parents and children. I’m doing a personal study in the book of Esther and v. 3:13 reads, “Letters were sent by couriers to all the king’s provinces with instruction to destroy, to kill, and to annihilate all Jews, young and old, women and children, in one day…”

What a striking verse! Think about that. When the enemy wanted to stop the Elect (think Church) of God – he intentionally attacked women and children. Is that his strategy even today?

I have no idea how it feels to be a mom, but in this past year Linda and I have gotten to re-experience what it feels like to have a high-maintenance toddler – who like Jesus and the Holy Spirit – is always with us! It has been a TOUGH season for Linda and I as parents, but we’ve been here enough times to know that God has something special for us in the midst of it. This season is like a treasure buried in a field. (Matthew 13:44)

I want to encourage you Moms in 3 ways:


I look at Linda and at times I know she feels like the house isn’t as tidy as she wants or that the boys don’t get as much time with her as they deserve. But believe me – YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Good job! I am so proud of you! Your faithfulness in being a mom speaks volumes about the love of God for your child.


Having done the toddler years four times now I know this season seems long, but it really is zooming by. I still remember Justin coming home from the hospital. (In an invalid car seat because we were too poor to buy a correct one). But in a few months I will be enrolling him in high school…say what?! If I could do one thing again – I would enjoy my toddler. I would be less frustrated. I would teach him more. I would apologize less on his behalf. But I would also be very intentional about embracing this season and not rushing through it. God slowly walks with us. He doesn’t always run.


And I’m not saying just attend a BLG – because I know many of you struggle with that. Make appointments with other moms for prayer. Reach out to a mentor. Find an event that will build your soul and bring other moms with you. I’m planning to take Linda to a one day conference called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality in Burlington hoping that it will feed her soul.

I want to encourage Dads in 3 ways:


Don’t just look at him/her – stare at them. Notice their eyebrows, their toes, their perfections and even their imperfections. God trusted you enough to give this child to you. Stare and gaze. Celebrate and wonder. This is where father’s dream dreams for their children. Does it do something to your own spirit to know that God gazes at you in the same way – waiting to watch your eyes glancing into his? Does it make you uncomfortable that God may think of you in that way? Learn to embrace it and then impart it onto your child.


You don’t know this yet, but when your baby turns 13 (and they will!) they will remember family traditions more than anything. However, don’t stress out trying to create awesome traditions. Just start simple. Think vacations, holidays, daddy-daughter dates, man-dates, dinner table conversations, restaurant conversations, bedtime prayer. You might not be able to change the culture of your workplace, but ONLY YOU SET THE CULTURE OF YOUR HOME.


I struggle here. Not because I don’t love Linda or because we don’t have enough date nights. I struggle here because I allow work, ministry, friendships and EVEN BABY to take priority over my Bride. The reality is that my first kingdom ministry is to Linda. Although my words and actions sometimes say otherwise, I really do want us to have the greatest love story ever. After 15 years of marriage I think Linda would say that while our life has gotten very busy I’ve never left her behind in the process. Sometimes I’m a step ahead, but never leaving her behind. I challenge you to skip work one day just to spend it with her. Your baby can literally sense the love in the house and this creates a nurturing environment that will shape how they look at family and the world.

Yo TLC parents, I believe in you! Keep pressing into God, marriage, and Body Life. You got what it takes. Toronto needs more parents who build their Kingdom in their home. The next-generation that we’re raising may be our greatest contribution to our city and to the world.

Embrace these years fully and it’s likely that you’re already teaching your child to walk in their identity and destiny in Christ.