Bekah Fallaise: Living in and Loving Canada’s Most Densely Populated Community

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Bekah Fallaise is a part of Trinity Life and the Riverdale Body Life Group. She’s pictured above the one furthest to the right.

Two years ago when I first moved to St. Jamestown I didn’t know much if anything about the community. But since moving here God has really grown my heart for the people of this community. I moved into an apartment of girls involved in the movement called MoveIn. Which essentially is just regular Christians moving in among the unreached urban poor and meeting together once a week as a team to pray for our neighbours and to encourage one other.

(An aerial snapshot of St. Jamestown, Toronto.)

For the better part of last year we ran a women’s english conversation club and we had two women that came regularly. It was so great and encouraging to be able to reach out and serve in that way. As it often happens, I believe we were blessed even more than the ladies were. Since then both of the women have moved away. But we continue to pray for them. One of them had to move to Montreal where her husband was relocated for work. She is from China and was just getting a firm grasp on the english language and then had to relocate where they primarily spoke french. This is quite challenging for her as she is feeling quite isolated. Please pray for her and her son and that Christians would be placed into their lives to love on them and do life with them.

This year our team has gone through a fair amount of changes with people coming and going. At the moment our team consists of two girls apartments with eight women in total. Several of them have just moved in and there are more changes on the horizon, but of the good variety.

This year so far has been exciting on our floor as there were three expectant mothers who were due within a few weeks of each other! Two of them have had their babies and one more is due in a few weeks. We really wanted to make the mothers feel special so we decided to have a pamper evening for them. The night was a huge success! First of all they all came! 🙂 We had a pile of food, decorated our apartment to be a relaxing atmosphere for them and gave them pedicures and manicures. Many laughs were shared and the mothers felt so comfortable, which was so important to us. Some of them opened up and shared some personal things. I truly believe that they felt loved and cared for which was our heart for them.

When I was telling my Body Life Group about this they eagerly asked if there was anything they could help out with and I told them that we were wanting to bless each of the families with a care package after the babies came. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone! We were able to put together three lovely baskets and we just delivered them Saturday morning and got to meet the two little ones that have been already born. This was such a delight and again they all blessed us so much. We were ushered into each one of their homes for a visit and tea and goodies.

This type of open arms hospitality is more of a foreign concept in Canada which saddens me. It is my prayer that we all can practice hospitality like these women.

Please pray for the mother still expecting as her family has so much happening all at once. They are, sadly for us, moving by the end of March. So they have to pack, move, transfer schools, go to a community where they don’t know anyone and have a baby all at the same time!

Also join us in prayer that the spirit of brokenness would be eradicated and replaced with worth, belonging, and an uplifting community. And pray for our team that we would continue to grow in boldness and so that relationships would be built.

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