Megan Sherk: Day to Day Jesus

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Every wonder where God is in the day to day? In the monotony and the “boringness” of everyday life? Here is a story from Megan on how she learned to see God and hear his voice both in the miraculous and the mundane.

Last year I went on a short mission trip to Honduras and had an amazing and transformative experience, which a lot of people can probably relate to if you’ve been on a mission trip to a third-world country. I was blown away at the genuine joy and devotion that my Honduran brothers had. They loved Jesus so much, and could barely talk about anything else! Jesus was alive, speaking and moving in such amazing and obvious ways, and my faith was renewed.

When I returned to Toronto for my final semester of my undergrad, I kept asking God, “Can I have these amazing mountain top experiences here in Toronto? I just want to go back to Honduras where I felt so alive and close to you! Are you working in this city?” One Sunday, I went to the service at Trinity Life, and there was a guest pastor from Indonesia speaking who was also leading a workshop on healing in the afternoon. I had no intention of attending the workshop, but as I was still very new to Trinity Life, I went out to eat after church with some people and then just tagged along. The pastor from Indonesia was so connected with God and his words were very powerful. During the workshop, the pastor said he wanted to demonstrate the practice of listening to God on behalf of someone else, and I just knew in my gut that he was going to pick me to be the example. That’s what happened. He called me up in front of a church community that I wasn’t really a part of yet and who did not know me. He prayed for me and spoke words that were answers from God about those questions I had been asking before! I was sobbing – like ugly crying – but I was so hungry for words from God that I didn’t care what I looked like. God has plans for me, for Toronto, for Honduras, and for the world. I saw people healed that day, whether you believe it or not. God showed me that I don’t need to be on a mission trip in another country to see His amazing power at work.

I left that workshop feeling so much joy! The next months as I got more connected with the community at Trinity Life, and planned my next trip to Honduras, I saw God work in so many ways. He reminded me that He is at work everywhere, and sometimes I am blind to the different ways He does so. For example, God gave me an amazing community that I could rely on as I was back in Honduras, where I was homesick every day. I would message friends and listen to sermons from church and felt like I was still a part of the community, even from a different country! Christ always knows exactly what we need, when we will need it. I have learned that I just need to be willing to listen, trust and obey, and He will guide me.

Honestly, writing this post is actually such a good reminder for me, as I have been feeling distant from God lately. My story is not finished, and I am in the process of learning how best to live each day in close relationship with Jesus. Life is not going to always be mountain-top experiences. Maybe God will call me into overseas missions again, and maybe He will not. I can’t live my life struggling through each day just to get to a radical moment or experience that rejuvenates my faith. God will rejuvenate my faith daily, if I ask. My prayer is that we can all ask our Lord to open our eyes to how He is working in every moment; in the monotony and boring days as well as the amazing and transforming days.