Discovering Identity in Christ Through Serving

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If you’ve been coming to Trinity Life for a while, it might be time to take the next step by serving on one of the many teams! Serving is a big part of where the church happens – it’s on the service teams that you’ll get to experience the richness of being part of the body of Christ.

No matter what team may fit your specific giftings, God will use your service to grow you. I experienced this firsthand when I started thinking about getting involved at Trinity Life. I felt drawn to join the music worship team, but wasn’t sure how it would look given my struggles with shyness and anxiety. The thought of letting anyone hear me sing was terrifying to me. Even so, it seemed like God was drawing me closer to being part of the worship team and to experiencing something bigger than myself.

Being part of the worship team has been a process of becoming comfortable with letting people hear my voice, both on the stage and off. It has led me to think about how I’m allowing the voice of God into my life. Does the way I speak reveal what Jesus has done in my life? Am I confident in the voice He’s given me and in making Him more known through it? Crazily enough, my joining the worship team fulfilled a prophecy spoken over me by a friend who told me that my voice was going to become a lot louder. I had no idea that God would make that prophecy come true in such a literal way.

Serving on the worship team has also given me a taste of the sweetness of living in community with other Christians. God chooses us – sinful, hurting, broken people – to be His hands and feet, unified because of what He has done for us, and serving in the church means embracing that role as part of His body. It’s a gift and a privilege to experience Him more fully through serving in worship.

I’ve also learned that worship doesn’t always look like music worship, with voices and instruments – sometimes it looks like setting up microphones, throwing an Easter bash for kids in St. James Town, or taking a friend aside to pray with them during a hard time.

Serving in the church in any capacity is an act of worship. If you’re interested in going deeper with God and in community with other Christians, look into serving with us.

By Julia Bartel, Social Media Team

If you feel led to serve at our church please follow this link to our next steps page and let us know where you would like to serve!