Video #2 – In Word and Deed Share the Love of Jesus

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In Word and Deed Share the Love of Jesus

We can very easily put our lives on hold and stay still, however, this crisis may persist longer than we anticipate. If this is the case, we need to learn to live in this new context. We can’t live without community, love, service, care and affection.

The world is hurting and struggling. The pressures of life have only increased, and so have our needs. But let us, love, let us see this as an opportunity to love one another, and love our city.

Serve People by Being Generous

One of the most practical ways to love is by being generous. Expressing love by the giving of ourselves speaks in powerful ways. Learn about your community’s immediate needs by joining groups and associations! Discover who is in need and offer to deliver meals and/or groceries to bless people and show care.

Talk About Your Faith

The less we worry about how we speak of our faith, the more joyful and organic it will be. Being genuine and honest about your experience makes it real and is attractive to the world. Nothing in this world can offer the abundant life, only Jesus can. Brag about your church community! Share with the world the most powerful display of God’s love (John 13:35).

Serving and Speaking Must Go Together

Abundant love is expressed when word and deed are done in harmony. Speaking without serving produces hypocrisy. How we live our lives is a reflection of what we think is true and your impact in the words you speak can only go as far as how you love.

Lastly, serving without speaking produces spiritual apathy. There can be no opportunity for someone to know Christ if your love for them is not attributed to the abundant love that is overflowed by Christ himself.

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Jamie Nguyen & Adam Truax