Video #1 – Leverage Social Media

Jamie Nguyen   -  

In this time, we have increased our dependence on social media. Whether it be to connect with others socially or for updates and information, social media is our new medium for community. We can look at this as an opportunity to use it for light to redeem much of the darkness that takes place on this platform.

Relationships over Consumption

When we use this medium to focus on relationships, we create opportunities for impact. Utilizing social media, as opposed to consuming it for ourselves, is an effective strategy for spiritual influence and a redemptive use of this medium.

Asking questions to stimulate meaningful conversations are not only rare in the online atmosphere, but it is counter-cultural to the world. When we introduce questions that stimulate deeper thinking, we are allowing people to contribute their thoughts in an empty atmosphere

What environments can we ask meaningful questions to evoke conversations?
Use the live interaction function! Engage with your audience!
Message old friends and acquaintances to video chat with you!

Content as Topics for Discussion

Another great way to engage is to use created content as opportunities for discussion. We can find a lot of great resources available to us, sharing it and asking what their thoughts are is a great way to begin a meaningful conversation.

Alternatively, you can set up Facebook watch parties to view content together and discuss it afterwards. Learn a new skill and invite a friend into that process! Share your experience and accomplishments together, this creates a unique bond!

Join the Corporate Efforts of the Church

Some easy and practical opportunities are joining the corporate efforts of our church! As a church, we seek to be an environment that is inviting and creates opportunities for community engagement to happen.

Invite people to like the Trinity Life Church Facebook page, engage by liking, sharing and commenting on posts. Tag friends who you think would be interested in the content, even older content! Use the check-in function, and take advantage of our live content!

Finally, just have fun with it! Get creative and try new things! Explore new mediums and methods that are out there. Why not create your own content? Why not start a Facebook group? Be a leader in your community and create opportunities for genuine connection!

By Jamie Nguyen & Adam Truax