Sharing Your Faith During Social Isolation Video Series Introduction

Jamie Nguyen   -  

How to share your faith during social isolation

Many people have been reflecting on how to survive during this current global crisis. Although these are valid questions and should be addressed seriously, our approach to how we live during this time should be more than about survival.

We are to live in love.

We are the church, a body of believers who are to love with a supernatural love. This is the love we are called to live by.

Although we have come to terms on how to stay safe physically, we see that the church still has a mission. We don’t know how long this current season of life is going to last, but we do want to continue to advance the kingdom of God.

Trinity Life’s growth strategy is evangelism. This isn’t a scary word. It is inherent to who we are. We share the love of Jesus in our spheres of influence to see transformation in people to discover their identity and destiny in Christ. In this way, we influence our families, friends, workplaces, cities, and ultimately the world.

God is at work reconciling all things to himself. Let’s join in on that work together!

We will have a series where we will talk about how to share your faith during a time of social isolation.

Our topics will be:

Genuine Connection: Leveraging social media to create real connections
Abundant Love: Sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed
Spiritual Dialogue: Tips on how to navigate the faith conversation
Navigating Disagreements
Listening Carefully: Asking effective questions
Just the Beginning: Closing the conversation

Please feel free to leave comments on Youtube on any thoughts you have throughout the series. We would love to hear from you.


Jamie Nguyen & Adam Truax