Video #6 – Closing the Conversation

Jamie Nguyen   -  

Closing the Conversation

The mysteries of God are endless and we can continuously have meaningful conversations on God and the Kingdom. Ending a conversation effectively will allow for more conversations in the future.


Let the person know that you had a lot of fun having a meaningful conversation with them. Conversations on spirituality can often be painful or may not happen at all. Take time to celebrate understanding the person in new ways “I’m so glad I learned XYZ about you today”

Encourage them to see the positives of the conversation “I was really encouraged when you admitted that you didn’t know much about Christianity, it showed true humility which will help if the subject comes up again in the future” or “I really liked how you asked questions that pushed the conversation deeper. I’m going to try and learn from you and get better at that too!”

The Ask

Learn about how they feel about spirituality at the end of the conversation. “How would you describe your spiritual journey now that we have had this conversation?” or “Would you be willing to explore what next steps of faith might look like for you?”
Be sure to have the next steps available to them. “Would you be willing to join me and my friends on Zoom chat this week as we talk about faith, life, spirituality and encourage each other?” or “Would it be ok if I sent you a link to our Sunday service where you could see more about what I am talking about?”

Ask to pray for them. If you sense they are ready to pray for the first time, ask if you could pray for them and then ask if they are comfortable praying. Guide them, but leave room for them to naturally build a relationship with God.

Get a Second Date

This has been a transformative time for both of you! Don’t forget to arrange another time to chat again. If the person accepted Jesus, then it’s time for discipleship and building the foundation of their faith. Find a time to begin, and if you need help ask any leader in our church! We are here to help!

This concludes our series on Sharing your faith! We hope this was beneficial for you and that we can work together to

By Jamie Nguyen & Adam Truax