Video #3 – Have the Conversation

Jamie Nguyen   -  

Tips on How to Have the Faith Conversation

This crisis has become an easy doorway to relating to each other, we have found common ground and have a shared experience. However, we more often than not tend to speak on the event itself and not see the opportunity to have meaningful conversations around personal, emotional and spiritual experiences.

Ask Questions

Where do we begin? Ultimately you want to seek to know the person. Listen to them, discover their challenges and what they are experiencing. There are different factors for every experience, and we would be surprised to know that what burdens a person could also be something that brings joy to another person.

How do they feel? Why are people responding in the way that they are? What is the reason? This reflects God’s personal interest in people. Don’t be afraid to ask about what they know about faith. This allows you to learn where to begin the conversation.

Be Spiritually Prepared

Know the heart of God. Just as you seek to know the person, you want to seek to know the Lord first. Pray and immerse yourself in the scriptures, not just apologetics. Pray through the conversation and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom.

Awareness of how God is working in your life including the mess will reveal the grace of God and how it manifests in reality!

Don’t Be Afraid

“Fear not for he is with you” (Isaiah 41:10) He is with you as you share your faith! Don’t be afraid to disagree. Even we, as Christians have disagreements, we cannot expect to come to a full agreement every time. We can stand with confidence knowing that we sow the seeds, and God makes them grow.

Finally, learn how to navigate through disagreement without being disrespectful or yielding truth. This is a journey, carefully choose the right path to get to the destination.


Jamie Nguyen & Adam Truax