Guide to Gathering

Michael Seaman   -  

As Ontario and Toronto are assessing the timeline to re-open social spaces, we have put together a tentative forecast of what it might look like for our church to start gathering in person once again. To be clear, we are going to follow the suggested guidelines of our government leaders and this guide is simply something to serve us as we move forward.

Regarding Sunday mornings, at the very least, we will not gather until September since TDSB is not issuing school permits until the first or second week in September. This may also coincide with gathering limits set by the government (see Phase 4). We are willing to alter this guide if needed especially since we do not know how the gathering limits will be released, but at this point, we thought it would beneficial to give you our best projection. Rest assured that once we begin gathering, proper sanitization procedures will be in place and proper consideration of social distancing guidelines will also be observed.

We love you guys and look forward to the day when we can be back together in person!

Trinity Life Leadership Team

>>> Click here to download the Guide to Gathering PDF