Hear and Obey – Cora Cohlmeyer – Lettering

Jonathan Richey   -  

At the start of the pandemic, I prayed to God for a way to share Jesus with others in a time where we were physically isolated. God revealed to me something I always wanted to learn, but never put as a priority, was hand lettering. I combined my love for Jesus with my interest in learning lettering.

Through this project, I have been able to share the gospel with others – and had many fruitful conversations through my lettering. I have been able to bless others with artwork that glorifies God.

A few months into the project, I started an Instagram art account for another means of sharing the gospel.

One huge accomplishment is that a few non-believers follow my account because I am a friend or family member. This is the only scripture they see every week and has been a beautiful way to open up conversations about Jesus.