Hear and Obey – Jonathan Richey – Laptop

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I recently had my laptop repaired by a local company that offered to drop it off at my house so I wouldn’t have to travel to them.

Once the vendor showed up, I quickly prayed that the Spirit would give me the words to say and use this as an opportunity to hear and obey.

He seemed pretty friendly and chatty so I asked him where he was from and he said Iran. So I dug a bit deeper and asked him how he wound up in Toronto from Iran and I also discovered his girlfriend is half Italian and half Palestinian.

That opened the door for me to share about my trip to the Middle East last year with Mike and talk about our documentary, We Refuse to be Enemies, which shares the story of a Palestinian Christian living under constant threat of land confiscation.

He was really interested in hearing more about the documentary and asked me to share it with him so I sent him the link to the video. Hopefully he will watch and be inspired to ask more questions and give me more opportunities to chat.