Hear and Obey – Vani De Freitas

Jonathan Richey   -  

About a year ago, Kyle and I went through a miscarriage. And initially, it was as if something shattered, but God spoke to us and reassured us that He was in control and that we had to trust Him. So we did and little by little we healed. Then, this September, we had a second miscarriage, and again at first it felt so devastating, and fear crept in. But soon after that, God sent so much encouragement and prayer for us that I can say only weeks after that we feel that peace that surpasses all understanding. I don’t understand it, but I know it’s from God. And we continue to trust in Him no matter what comes.

A painting of the ocean is our object, and it reminds us that as we go through the waters, he will be with us. Jamie did this for us as a gift after the miscarriage, and it’s a reminder of all the encouragement God sent for us.