How to submit your Hear and Obey stories

Jonathan Richey   -  

We are excited about a new opportunity for you to share your stories of hearing and obeying God! This is a chance to encourage our community of faith and to share how God is speaking to our hearts. And not only are we hearing the Word, we are becoming DOERS of the Word!

Hearing and obeying God should be a consistent rhythm in our lives and we want to celebrate that with you by giving you an opportunity to encourage the church to be the church!

So how does this work?

Listed below are the guidelines and procedures to submit your stories:

Send a short story to that summarizes how you have recently heard and obeyed God. The story should be similar to a Twitter post, 1-3 lines should suffice. We often have multiple stories we want to share during the live stream so we are asking that you keep it super brief.

However, if you like, you may also send a longer version of your story which we will post on the TLC blog, but the Twitter version will be shared on the Sunday morning live stream.

We also want this to be a recent story, so sometime in the last few months is ideal.

Think of an object that represents the central message of your story.

For example, maybe God recently prompted you to buy a coffee at Tim Hortons for a co-worker and through your generosity it opened up the door for a deep conversation about faith and finances.

So in this example, the main object of the story could be a cup of coffee or the Tim Hortons logo.

What happens to my story?

Our plan is to find a photo of the object you suggested, print it out and we will hang it on the wall in The New Common.

We will use the Sunday live stream as an opportunity to share your story with the entire church so that we can celebrate with you!