Hear and Obey – Adam Truax – Breathe

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Creative night has been a great avenue for hearing from God. A small group of people spend time asking God what he is saying to Trinity Life and we do some exercises to help us think of creative ways to express what God is saying to our Church, primarily this has manifested through songs but there have been many other examples as well such as poetry, story, and visual art.

We were with the team and we knew God wanted our people to BREATHE in this unprecedented time in history. We got to work and started writing. We wanted people to have assurance in their identity which informed their action but we also wanted space for someone to simply exist as a child of God who was loved.

The song Breathe, was born. This song is a comfy couch to give you a hug as you rest before returning to the mission ahead. God wants you and I to know who we are and know what to do.