Hear and Obey – Adam Truax – Lost and Found

Jonathan Richey   -  

A friend randomly showed up at my house the other day in need. They were having a rough day and were tired of living a broken life. We talked for a long time about what it was like to follow Jesus and what his death and resurrection really means for us today.

He was deeply impacted by this and we were praying together in that moment. On the side of this he had also lost his phone because of this reckless lifestyle he was living. I felt compelled to help him find his phone lost in Christie Pitts park. We had been calling it throughout our previous conversation with no success. We decided to bring our whole family to the park to comb through the grass which also had a fresh coat of snow on it to see if it was laying on the ground.

When we arrived at the park I prayed that Jesus would help us find this phone. We all spread out and took our first couple steps to look for this phone. I dialed up the number and within the first 2 minutes of being at the park someone answered who had found the phone and was also in the park. We had the phone in our hands within another 2 minutes.

God is spiritually restoring people in our city and proving that he operates in totally crazy ways. What was once lost can be found. – Adam Truax