Hear and Obey – Jamie Nguyen – Reconciliation

Jonathan Richey   -  

Recently I read through the book of Matthew. When I sat down to hear the voice of God from his beautiful words, I landed on “Love your enemies.” So I asked the Lord to show me who my enemies were. And he reminded me of someone who I had a fall out with two years ago. We stopped talking and the fall out was very emotional and really messy.

That same morning the Lord led me to contact this person, and ask to call and apologize. Apologize for my immaturity and how I handled the pain and the tension.

We spoke that same afternoon I read the passage and it was incredible. We both apologized and reconciled. We then spent an hour catching up! Through out this process I invited my R3 to pray with me, to intercede and believe in faith that there would be restoration and healing.

Praying that our relationship would lead her to Christ! – Jamie Nguyen