Hear and Obey – Sarah Resendes

Jonathan Richey   -  

I recently gave birth to our daughter Sophia. During the pregnancy, some complications had come up- one of which was an issue with my placenta, a vital organ that keeps baby alive. I was told this condition does not go away and learned it could lead to several frightening complications.

Hearing this was a test of my faith, and as each week passed, I had a choice to make: be crippled by fear and worry allowing it to rob my joy, or turn my mind towards Jesus, trusting that he would carry us through whatever happens.

The Aaronic Blessing from Numbers 6:24-26 became my anchor through each prenatal appointment, weekly ultrasound, labour and delivery. I had the song, the Blessing, playing in the background as I brought our baby girl into the world.

During my pregnancy I had suspected that the condition with my placenta was not there and I would constantly ask the midwives to check and see if it had gone away. They always told me that this condition doesn’t go away.

But after I gave birth to Sophia and the placenta was inspected, the midwives told me it was indeed, “perfectly normal”. I had been, as I felt all along, healed and our baby girl was completely healthy.

I don’t know why I had the kind of pregnancy that I did, but I am grateful it pushed me to wrestle with God, seek to hear His voice each day, trust His word in scripture, and obey His command to cast our worries onto him, to be anxious about nothing, and to pray constantly.

God’s word and promises did carry me through an uncertain pregnancy and gave me a divine peace through it all.

I am grateful for David, my R3 ladies, friends and family who blessed us with prayer and scripture through it all.

— Sarah Resendes