Glocal Gift Fall 2020 – Week One – Local Engagement

Jonathan Richey   -  

Woohoo! We’re in our Glocal Gift campaign right now! This is one of the two times during the year when the church is asked to give sacrificially beyond their regular giving — all for local and global engagement. Throughout Advent, we’ll look at how your generosity during the last Glocal Gift campaign spread the light of Christ, so that we’ll consider how we can sacrificially give now.

Since this time last year, because of the pandemic, there has been a 50% increase in people using food banks in Canada. Because of the generosity of people during the last Glocal Gift, we were able to temporarily operate a food bank that was going to shut its doors. Here are some numbers on who we served and some of their stories. Consider how God is calling you to give financially to the poor and oppressed in SJT.

Meal Delivery Program (Since April 2020) – Over 1600 pre-cooked meals delivered
Food Bank Program (Since May 2020) – Over 3k fresh and non-perishable food bags distributed and over 1k families served
Both Meal Delivery and Food Bank Program – Over 100 individuals volunteered and we partnered with 12 different organizations

Stories from the Food Bank

Watch this video of Jamie Nguyen sharing 3 exciting stories from her experience of volunteering at the food bank.

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