Glocal Gift Fall 2020 – Week Three – Glocal Engagers

Jonathan Richey   -  

This week, we’re going to highlight some of those that we’ve sent out! Our Glocal Engagers are individuals we have supported this past year in training, prayer, and finances. Check out their stories and consider how God is calling you to contribute to the Glocal Gift!

Meaghan Barrett

Meaghan is someone Trinity Life Church has been supporting this past year. Formerly a part of our church, Meaghan is now a part of Ellel Ministries Canada. They primarily work to heal and restore people and equip churches to do the same.

“We believe healing is God’s supernatural work of bringing order into a person’s life where there has been disorder! It includes looking at the root problems that may be the cause of a person’s struggle – dealing with any unforgiveness, sin, wounding, or hold of the enemy. As we help a person do their business with God in forgiving, repenting and making godly choices, we then pray for the Lord to bring His healing.” — Ellel Ministry

The West Family

The West Family and their church from the United States played a critical role in getting Trinity Life established early on. During the process, the West family learned and received training from the leaders of TLC to start a church in London, England. Their church, Redeemer Queen’s Park, has carried our KDSC DNA across the pond!

We continue to support the West Family, so let’s transport ourselves to London through their video to hear more of their story!

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