Glocal Gift Fall 2020 – Week Two – Global Engagement

Jonathan Richey   -  

We’re going global this week! Even though we couldn’t physically be in the Holy Land this year, we’ve been in regular communication with our relationships there. This year, we’ve helped a family we know who has a disabled child and lives in the oldest refugee camp in the world. We’re also working with The Chamber of Commerce to help entrepreneurs craft business ideas. And we released our short film on one of our partners, Tent of Nations, in order to help share the Palestinian story. God is using us in amazing ways by simply hearing and obeying His voice!

West Bank Documentary

In the West Bank, TLC continues to partner with organizations such as Tent of Nations to walk alongside people experiencing hardship and bring the light of Jesus. We’ve done and are planning to conduct trainings to further empower people to alleviate poverty and grow in their relationships with Jesus. The partners TLC works with in the Holy Land continue to ask us to share their voice, which is why we created this short film.

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