Hear and Obey – Jonathan – Dome Light

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I have been praying for my neighbor for a couple weeks now and asking God to open up opportunities to know him better and start a relationship.

The other night I came home late and it was dark, rainy/snow/sleeting and cold. As I got out of my car I noticed his dome light was on in his car. I checked all the doors and none of them were open so he must have left it on by accident. I knew that if it was on all night his battery would be dead in the morning.

Honestly, I just wanted to go inside and hope for the best, but I’ve had dead batteries before and it sucks! So I went next door and let him know about the car situations so he could take care of it.

It was late, so there were no deep faith conversations that night, but I’m hoping this will plant a seed for the future.