Hear and Obey – Jonathan Richey – Empty Beer Cans

Jamie Nguyen   -  

A couple weeks ago Diane mentioned we should begin collecting our aluminum cans in a separate recycling bag because she noticed on occasion that someone would dig through the trash bins looking for them. By saving the cans, we would essentially make it easier for them to collect them so they don’t have
to rummage through the garbage.

This morning I was walking around my living room praying and I looked out my front window and saw a man rummaging through the neighbor’s garbage bins looking for aluminum cans. I didn’t even hesitate – I grabbed my coat, I grabbed the bag of cans sitting in the kitchen and started praying.

Although the conversation did not go as deep as I would like, I did find out his name was….wait for it…John!! ha ha (of course, I am a magnet for Johns and Jonathans) and he was born and raised here in Toronto. He takes the cans to the beer store where he gets like 5 or 10 cents for each one.

He stated he comes around once or twice a week so I told him I would keep an eye out for him during the week and save as many cans for him as I could. Hopefully this will lead to more encounters and deeper conversations in the future. – Jonathan Richey