1st IN-PERSON Collective Rally 2021

Michael Seaman   -  

Get ready for our first ever Collective Rally! We’re going to celebrate coming back together in a larger gathering as well as 8 years as Trinity Life Church!

Remember though, this gathering is not your traditional church service; it’s a new thing that God is doing in our midst! There will be some typical elements, but this gathering is focused on celebrating all the Lord is doing through R3s and how He’s leading us into a season to MULTIPLY.

Since this is our first time back all together, we want to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision on your participation. Don’t worry though, if you don’t feel comfortable yet, there will be more of these in the future!


How are we guarding against Covid-19?
We’re adhering to an entire policy developed by our Board of Directors that is in line with our government’s policies. This includes, but is not limited to, worker health screenings, contact tracing, mask and sanitizing procedures, cleaning, and social distancing. In addition, our venue—The Phoenix—will provide extra measures for our safety such as security, air sanitization, and deep cleaning.

Will masks be worn indoors?
Yes, in accordance with provincial and municipal regulations, masks for any one above 2 years old are necessary while indoors.

What about children?
There will not be a typical Kid City or childcare option available to parents. However, this is not because of Covid, but because of the design of this new gathering. The Phoenix is one large room where families can worship together and celebrate the presence of God with the people of God together. Don’t worry though, this gathering is designed to intentionally include children as part of the family of God. And if you’re okay with your children moving around the space, then we are too!

Will there be worship music and singing?
Yes, there will be worship music and you can choose whether or not you want to sing. The Phoenix is a concert venue that has been hosting indoor concerts and has been following government protocols accordingly. Also, TDSB allows for music classes and wind instruments to be played while following protocols. Likewise, for religious gatherings, if you’re masked, you can choose to sing away or to worship another way.

Will there be a sermon time?
Kind of. There will be a teaching/vision time, but it will be shorter and include other voices. So if you’re worried about your children during that time, remember that we’ve intentionally designed the liturgy to accommodate the kids doing whatever you feel comfortable with.

Will there be food?
Yes. Indoors, we may have pre-packaged food and we encourage you to bring a water bottle. Outdoors, we will have a BBQ going for a post-rally celebration together where you can choose to eat if you like.

How will seating work?
The Phoenix has set up smaller seating sections in the larger room for their gatherings and it’s worked well. We will likely go with a similar setup to theirs so you can choose to bubble up with your R3 or mingle as you desire. However, the Collective Rally is designed to get you on your feet and celebrating what God is doing!

Where is the venue and what time should I arrive?
The venue is called The Phoenix Concert Theatre and is located at 410 Sherbourne St, Toronto, Ontario.

The collective will start at 10am.

Where do I park?
There’s a Green P across the street as well as street parking with varying times and restrictions.


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