Song – Fire

Adam Truax   -  

Verse 1
Night and day, night and day
You change our lives like night to day
We are people brought into Your light
Here to stay, You’re here to stay
By our side as we go Your way
We have learned a brand new way to fight

We are fire, growing higher!
In Your kingdom love defeats the enemy
We are fire, breaking through the night!
Brighter than the sun, Jesus our victory
Jesus our victory


Verse 2
For all our days, we were astray
Hiding in darkness and afraid
Blind and stumbling, ‘til You gave us sight!
Filled with power, we’re filled with power
You poured it out in this great hour
Hearts ablaze and ready to ignite

Chorus x 2

Bridge x 2
We have no fear, Our God is right here
Holy Spirit have Your way
We have no fear, Our God is right here
May faith burn brighter every day

Chorus x 2