Song – How Much More

Adam Truax   -  

Verse 1:

How much more,
Father if You go before me
How much more,
if I lay this in your hands
How much more,
if with trembling knees and
pounding heart
I come, Before You Lord


You hold everything together
The universe
is in Your hands
At Your word, the mountains shake
and oceans roar


So I run towards
Your throne of grace
Mighty King who offered up
himself in my place
Upon every word You’ve spoken,
I will choose to stand;
And surrender all to You

Verse 2:

How much more, Jesus when you came
from heaven
How much more, when You cried out
‘it is finished’
How much more, are the riches of
Your love that You’ve unveiled
Given freely to us


Chorus x 2

Verse 3:

How much more,
Spirit if You moved within me
How much more,
could the church see a revival
How much more,
could the earth become your kingdom
And all creation
glorifies Your name!


And surrender all to You
And surrender all to You