Song – More Than Beautiful

Adam Truax   -  

Verse 1:
You went and found me the
King of glory
Now I can boldly approach Your throne
The face that greets me is
Greater than the beauty
I have seen as I wander and roam

Your words that revive
kindness in your eyes
The kingdom breaking through
Standing here with you
More than beautiful

Beyond my eyes, behind the sky
There is something greater
Beauty in the song they cry
Dancing with my Creator
More than Beautiful

Verse 2
The Church is rising
The Holy Spirit guiding
Exiles seeking our heavenly home
Bringing the kingdom
Wanting hope to become
A beacon of truth that brings shalom

Reaching within,
We raise our voice and sing,
Lifting up our feet,
Moving to the beat
We run to your throne,
Knowing we’re coming home!