Song – The Righteous King

Adam Truax   -  

Verse 1:

In the moment of my weakness, in the waters of defeat
I would rather drown beside You, than be ruler on the beach
I am half the child I should be, and the other half is pride
When my better half is wretched, it’s just easier to hide

Oh God, am I a good and faithful, servant in Your eyes
When the serpent king of lies, makes the bitter wine sound sweeter
Than the Water from Your side, and it’s then I realize
What it cost to give me freedom, now I’m giving You my life


I am free! Living for the Righteous King
For the One who took me in
Let the broken hearted sing:
“You make me beautiful again”

Verse 2:

As iron sharpens iron,
’til there’s nothing left to steel
Your forgiveness was the sweetest pain,
the day You let me feel
Then I saw the Holy City,
as the New Jerusalem
It was floating down from heaven,
as a bride prepared for Him
And the sun was overshadowed,
by the glory of the Lord
He will wipe the tears and shed the fears, and death shall be no more

Chorus x 2


Throat is parched from crying out
for the grace I’m lost without
Waiting for my God
And as all creation groans
I’m crawling to the throne
Where my Saviour reigns

Chorus x 2

I’m Beautiful, I’m beautiful,
I’m beautiful, you make me beautiful again