HOW To Give in 2023

Adam Truax   -  

Hello Trinity Life Church,

What a wonderful year so far! We have completed our January vision series with such great feedback. Now we are kicking off our relationship series and it has already been a good laugh, and a good cry. I don’t know if I have ever had as much encouraging feedback from the people I have been responsible to lead as I have in the first 5 weeks of this year. I’m very thankful to all of you for your generosity in that regard.

Speaking of generosity, I want to address a need for clarity around our giving options. We will soon be putting out an update on the financial status of the church, but for today I wanted to make sure to bring clarity on how we can all continue to participate in dedicating our financial resources to the Lord and His purposes.

Things have changed this week, and I want you to know what giving options are different and why.

#1 E-Transfer

We are so thankful that this option was made available in 2022. Many of you have switched to this method of giving and that has affected a cascading change for other giving options. Since there has been an overwhelming shift to e-transfer we have decided to shut down our ‘Rebel Give’ option, as the cost structure does not correlate with the usage we are seeing on that platform.

Just a note on e-transfer since we are still getting used to it as a community:

Since e-transfer doesn’t have an automatic deposit option, my family and I set a monthly reminder in our calendar to ensure that we are keeping our regular commitment to give as covenant members of the church.

Also, If e-transfer is your new preferred method make sure to thank a board member next time you see them for bringing this option forward!

#2 Paypal

As an alternative to Rebel Give we have decided to reactivate the use of PayPal. Here, you can set a monthly recurring option for those of you who like to “set it and forget it” and, just like ‘Rebel Give’, you can choose to pay the fees directly instead of having the church cover the cost of this giving method.

Thank you to the team for getting this ready to go for us this week!

#3 Collective Rallies 

Since we are still aiming to gather on a regular basis as the wider church community to celebrate Jesus, pray into the kingdom mission of God, and see all our friends from across the city, the Collective Rally is a perfect opportunity to give! For those who like to give in cash or cheque, at each Collective Rally the giving boxes will be available and a time of giving will be facilitated in order to remind us that the mission we are on takes significant willingness, generosity, and sacrifice to accomplish. As we outline in our covenant member orientation, the mission we are on needs our TIME, TALENTS and TREASURES.

Thank you so much to those of you who give faithfully to ensure the continued forward progress of the mission in our city. This could not happen unless you embraced the kingdom realities of sacrifice, generosity, joy, and willingness. I hope that with this clarification of our giving methods we will be poised to cover some major ground this year through our giving habits as a community.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me anytime via email:

In Christ,

Adam Truax

Pastor of Vision and Culture

Trinity Life Church

P.S. The team is working on tax receipts for 2022 and they are aiming to have them released by early March.