Embracing Transition: Following God’s Voice on the Path to Promise

Adam Truax   -  

I remember so clearly the biggest transition of my life. I was 17, and I had to leave home because of the development of some tumultuous circumstances there. Though that transition was painful and disorienting, it led to a radical transformation of my character. Looking back now I see that time as an essential step towards my coming to faith 7 years later. It was a foundational part of my growing up and though I think there are better ways to learn some of the lessons that I endured, that transition was a key element in learning to embrace the unknown and develop a level of contentment, if not excitement, about change.

In the journey of faith, transition becomes an integral part of our lives as followers of Christ. In the pages of Scripture, we can find countless examples of individuals who stepped out of their comfort zones and embraced a life of constant change as they followed God’s voice. Abraham is a prominent example for us as someone who left his homeland and embraced change in the hope of an unknown promised land.

Our community, Trinity Life Church, is headed for a large change. It will mark the end of a certain way of life together.

How can we navigate this in a healthy way?

Hopefully we can glean some answers from Abraham.

Abraham’s Adventure

Abraham, known as the father of faith, embarked on an extraordinary journey when he listened to and obeyed God’s call to leave his homeland and venture into the unknown. This decision required that he leave behind what was familiar–his family, and his security–and that he trust only in the promises of God. Abraham’s transition was not merely physical but spiritual as well, as he learned to lean on God’s guidance throughout his pilgrimage. The catalyst for this journey seems to be God speaking directly to Abraham.

A voice that hadn’t been heard in generations (as we see in the latter half of Genesis 11) called out to Abraham with a directive and a promise. God has spoken to us as a community in a similar way. We have been released from the branding, the organizational structures, and scaffolding of Trinity Life Church as an organization. Of course, as many of the faithful have noticed over the past 10 years of our time together, most of what comprised Trinity Life transcended all of those elements all along.

I feel a certain kinship with Abraham, when I think back to my late teens. I too had to leave home rather abruptly. I faced the darkness that night when forces beyond my control colluded with my youthful pride and insecurity to overturn the stability I had taken for granted for 17 years. Abraham was able to bring what he had with him, but I had no job and no money. Yet both of us needed faith. Our common belief was that an uncertain future was undoubtedly the certain path.

Notice that I’m not saying the better path. Better is too easily confused with comfortable, easy, or happy. This path wasn’t any of those things. It was perilous but it was also purposeful.

Abraham’s difficult journey ended with blessing. He received blessing for his family, and ultimately the nations, as the promised Messiah came through his family lineage to inaugurate the most transformational movement that has ever occurred in the lifespan of humanity.

Abraham’s trust in God magnified God’s identity and His desire for relationship with humanity to millions–even billions–of people since his first steps away from what was familiar to him. Abraham was called both to leave behind and to go towards. He was called to leave behind his place of origin and his family while also embracing the possibility of a future blessing as he went toward a promised land.

When change happens we can face both the fear of leaving behind what we know as well as a vision of a future blessing. How fast and what direction we move is often determined by how we perceive the pain of what we’re losing and the joy of what we’re gaining. In the Christian life it’s hard to make decisions based on this type of ‘balancing the equation’ thinking.

We don’t always get the luxury of minimizing our losses and maximizing our gains. Part of the problem is we often don’t have the perspective to evaluate these things properly. We simply have to trust that the God who has proven faithful for generations will also prove faithful to us as he asks us to move, change and venture into the unknown.

Abraham’s willingness to trust the Voice From Beyond serves as a powerful reminder that transitioning in our spiritual walk often involves leaving behind the comforts that hinder our growth. Just as Abraham had to let go of the familiar, we too must be willing to relinquish our fears, doubts, and attachments to embrace the new possibilities that lie ahead.

Our Adventure

As a small urban church, it is crucial that we understand that the Christian life is not one of static comfort, but rather a dynamic journey of constant transition as we follow God’s voice. This has been the case from the start of Trinity Life and will be into the future for anyone who chooses to continually listen to the voice of God.

Here are a few key insights to help navigate transition.

Be Patient and Listen

Transition requires us to discern God’s voice amidst the noise of the world. Spend time in prayer, meditate on Scripture, and seek the wisdom of godly mentors to align your heart and mind with God’s purpose for your life. Don’t make decisions too quickly. We have time, as Trinity Life Church, before the end of our current paradigm.

Be Brave and Embrace

Transition can be uncomfortable and uncertain, but God’s faithfulness remains constant. Trust in His promises, even when the path ahead seems unclear. Remember that God is with you, guiding and providing every step of the way. Embrace His ways especially when they offend your sensibilities and comforts. Beauty is on the horizon.

Be Present and Communicate

Immerse yourself in a supportive community that encourages and challenges you. Engage in fellowship, share experiences, and learn from one another’s journeys. Together, we can navigate transitions more effectively. Be transparent, be present, be honest and generous.

Be Relentless and Move

Transition often requires taking bold steps of faith. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone, leaving behind what holds you back. Embrace the adventure that lies ahead, knowing that God’s plans for your life are greater than you can imagine. When it’s time to move, it’s time to move. Get ready to step into something that will motivate you to try new things.

The story of Abraham and of our own personal journeys remind us that life in Christ is one of constant transition. Just as Abraham left his homeland, we are called to heed God’s voice and follow wherever He leads.

Transition is not merely a series of disruptions robbing us of God’s best. It is a transformative journey that shapes us into the people God intends us to be. Embracing transition requires faith, trust, and an unwavering commitment to following God’s voice.

Trinity Life, may you be reminded of the beauty and power found in transition, as you faithfully journey toward the promises and purpose God has for you and your R3 in the uncertain future.

And just a reminder: we will continue to meet together and receive from the Lord over the course of our Nehemiah Series this summer. Though you may face the temptation to move quickly, I earnestly encourage you to be patient, and receive the deposit God has for us in this final season as we prepare for transition in August.