10 Years of Trinity Life

Adam Truax   -  

This Saturday marked the final official gathering of the Trinity Life Church community. Many friends and family joined for the event and the emotion in the air was palpable. Trinity Life was a special community to many people over the last decade as it marked a formative time in many of our lives. So many of us grew up during the season of life and many great memories were formed.


I, Adam, tried to tell the story as best as I could and with the help of Jonathan Richey our previous communications director we made a video that will hopefully compel you to worship and remember. If you were never a part of this wonderful group of people maybe this video will help inspire you to attempt to bring people into community to discover identity and destiny in christ in order to influence your city and the world.


Thank you to all of those who were a part of the journey. If you missed us this Saturday then this video is for you. Hopefully it brings to you whatever you might need in this season. Closure, healing, peace, joy, reminder, to name a few.


May the winds of spirit scatter us as seeds into the world to bring about new life in new places.