About Us

Trinity Life used to gather all across our city to worship Jesus in community through living on mission. Toronto is a vibrant and fast growing city, but we’ve come to realize that the busyness of urban life can work against finding authentic community and cultivating a strong spiritual life.

Our Story

Trinity Life was birthed from a desire to see Kingdom disciples engaging society in a global city that is unreached where culture can be created and disseminated. This happened when two families met each other for the first time after moving to Toronto with no other previously-existing relationships in the city. Through listening to the Spirit and living on mission, the core team increased in size by serving organizations and building relationships with community leaders and residents in Regent Park (Canada’s largest social project housing development at the time).

Since then Trinity Life has grown to be a church made up of people with diverse backgrounds from all over the city. Those who make Trinity Life their spiritual community are a multi-ethnic, mixed socio-economic, generational range of people that include inner-city students, young professionals, young families, immigrants, and life-long Torontonians.

With Trinity Life are those who come from no religious background discovering a new life in Christ, those who are tired of old religion finding a new passion for God, and those who are being equipped and empowered to live on mission throughout the city.

As the story of Trinity Life continues to be written, our hope is that God will use us as a community on mission to be a spiritual home for many to discover their identity and destiny in Christ. We pray and work towards seeing the Kingdom of God come to Toronto bringing renewal in our lifetime and for the generations that follow.


Kingdom-Disciple-Society-Church is our DNA.

Watch this video to find out more about what it means for Kingdom Disciples to engage Society and see a different kind of Church arise.


Discovering Identity and Destiny in Christ, In Order to Influence Our City and the World. This is our mission statement. Watch this video to learn more about how you can begin to do this!


Empower 5600 people to discover identity and destiny in Christ, 560 partners to influence our city, and 56 church plants to influence our world. This is our vision statement. Watch this video to hear more about how we want to empower you to make a kingdom impact.


To put it simply, our strategy is Rhythm 3. This is a non-traditional way of being the church which brings clarity to what we are all called to do - make disciples who make disciples. Watch this video to find out more about how you can start to make disciples.

Our Team

Adam Truax

Vision & Culture

Our Values

Discovering Identity and Destiny In Christ, Influencing Our City and the World.


(Acts 1:6-8)

We know that we’re a part of something greater than ourselves and our time. We can’t fully understand it all, but we know there’s an eternal Kingdom movement directed by God’s Spirit and it’s both personal and global.


(1 Peter 3:8)

We’re a unified, but diverse group that thrives on hospitality, humility, generosity, compassion, and loving others.


(Romans 12)

We’re transparent people in the process of being radically changed by God. We believe when people change, the community and city change around us.


(John 8:31-32)

We’re truth seekers who value clarity and the communication of truth in all forms.


(2 Corinthians 3:12-18; 5:6-9)

We’re a people defined by spiritual boldness. We take risks of faith in order to better our city and the world around us.

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