Trinity Life emphasizes discipleship as someone learning to HEAR and OBEY the voice of God while learning to live life UP, IN, and OUT. UP refers to a life growing in intimacy with God, IN refers to a life of community and authenticity, and OUT refers to a life of sharing the gospel with others and being on mission with God. All of our gatherings help to cultivate the life of someone following Jesus and their role in God’s mission.


We are not a church who gathers weekly in one place at one time. Rather, we come together all over our city at various times for worship and discipleship every week! If you want to join others in your region, we would love to connect you.

You can check out an expression of it here.


Once a month, we gather all of our r3 Groups from across the city for a corporate time of prayer and praise in order to celebrate what the Lord is doing and hear from the Lord collectively.

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Imagine the entire neighbourhood coming together to celebrate what God is doing. Residents, business owners, politicians, and organizational leaders coming together as a community to focus our eyes on something greater than ourselves and celebrating those around us who are helping the common good in their local communities.

Now imagine that the church was the host of an event like this! Instead of being insular and only gathering with our own, what if we were the catalyst for knitting the social fabric of a community together because of the love we have for each other, our neighbours, and those who might feel like enemies.

Let’s rally our neighbourhoods!


Do you want your kids to have a strong community? Do you want to see them change the world for the common good? It all starts with them learning to hear and obey the voice of God. That’s what Kid City is all about.

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Do you want to see the next generation raised up to influence our city? Do you want to be a part of sending servant-leaders out into the world? Send City exists to develop the next generation to hear and obey God so that revival comes to our cities and our world.

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