Scarborough r3 Group

Scarborough r3 Group

Trinity Life Scarborough R3 is a diverse group of families, friends and neighbours. We gather weekly in our homes. We love faith conversations, celebrations with food, playing in parks with our children, and laughing together. We consider ourselves a village in many ways, embracing the one-another lifestyle that saturates the Bible. This lifestyle is defined by a community who mutually self-sacrifices for one another out of love. Practically this means, for example: watching one another's children, helping one another move, and providing meals for one another when we're sick. We aim to engage our neighbours to welcome them into this way of living. Come join our crew as we discover who we are, so that we can make a difference together.

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A curious person is seeking more from life. Generally, you're looking for identity, purpose, and meaning in what you're doing. You might long to be a part of something bigger and want to take action in your life. Spiritual matters are starting to interest you and you may even be engaging in spiritual practices as a means to help you discover identity and purpose.

A believer has started to accept who Jesus is and the life He offers. Your identity in Christ is beginning to reorder your desires and you're starting to see a glimpse of what destiny in Christ looks like. This is leading you to explore the presence of God through spiritual disciplines and your spiritual gifts while starting to discover the abundant life in community you were created for.

A disciple is someone who is rooted in their identity in Christ. You're becoming more consistent in spiritual disciplines because a growing relationship with God is important to you. As a result, you’re growing in how to hear and obey the voice of God. You’re becoming more comfortable with operating in your spiritual gifts and you’re actively pursuing the 'one-another lifestyle' within your church. Also, you're actively influencing your city and starting to take intentional steps towards influencing the world through making disciples.

A disciple maker has a burden to see others discover their identity in Christ. You actively live the 'one another lifestyle' and are inviting people to experience it instead of just hear about it. You're able to architect your life in a way where others can see how to imitate Christ through how you imitate Christ. As you hear and obey God consistently through your spiritual disciplines and operate in your spiritual gifts, the people you influence will share the fervency in Spirit you have to influence their city and the world.


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